As an independent Risk and Process Management professional with over 10 years of experience in Risk Management and Audit I help to assess and mitigate business and IT risks and further integrate and optimise related controls and processes. I strongly believe that compliance is a logical consequence of a well-designed and automated process and should not be an additional burden for an organisation.

Optimising business processes and at the same time managing your operational risks can be challenging. Especially with the ever-growing list of regulatory requirements (e.g. SOx, PCI, GDPR) that demands constant attention. Furthermore, the complexity increases as business and IT processes are becoming more and more inseparable. This is exactly where I can help. Because of my background in both business and IT, I am able to operate as the linking pin between both worlds. While keeping focus on operational risks and regulatory requirements I effectively translate business and IT needs into sustainable solutions.

In an approachable, positive and creative way I will help you to assess and map your operational risks and implement, integrate and optimise your processes and controls. Of course all in line with relevant regulatory requirements. Together we move your organisation forward in a pragmatic way.

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Anno Perk

Risk & Process Management